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Five reasons Spider Man 3 is the best in the series (and the best comic book movie ever)

Spiderman 3 is the best comic book movie ever* followed closely by Batman Begins. Interestingly, however, this movie is getting slammed in reviews with most people saying it tries to do too much. I, on the other hand, loved this movie. And while it is a tad long, I thought Columbia Pictures did a great job pulling all the stories and subplots together in a clever Seinfeld fashion. And yes, the movie is hilarious.

Regardless of what you may have heard, here are five reasons why Spiderman 3 is the best movie in the series not to mention the best comic book film to date:

  1. The acting is top notch. Kudos to all involved on this one along with the excellent script. The movie is believable, the stories are endearing and do a great job in stirring real life emotions, line delivery is impeccable, and it’s funny without being cheesy. Just about every actor is a standout on this one including Tobey Maguire (best rendition of a hipster on screen to date), Kirsten Dunst (now with less annoying MJ), James Franco (tons of charisma), Thomas Haden Church (a likable villain), Topher Grace (simply funny), J.K. Simmons (a worse boss than Michael Scott?), and Elizabeth Banks (best secretary since Money Penney). Brilliant all around.
  2. The conflict is superb. Director and screenwriter Sam Raimi (who also directed another one of my favs, Mission: Impossible) does a great job in setting up contrasting tones of perfection and imperfection, good and evil, love and hate, revenge and forgiveness, and friendship and disloyalty. The conflict kept me glued to my seat even though I never intended the second sequel to deliver in this regard (it being an action film).
  3. The special effects are gorgeous. The computer ninjas at Sony Pictures showed their mojo in spades on this one. The opening fight scene between Spidy and Osborne is unthinkably good, not to mention the beautifully cinematic birth of Sandman. And the action gets better and better and more impressive the further you get into the movie. Sure, there’s an overwhelming amount of CG here, but it integrates seamlessly and is, for the most part, believable.
  4. The action scenes are insanely good. Speaking of fight scenes, Spiderman 3 has plenty of them; and good ones at that. Some argue too much, but no one fight sequence felt out of place or underwhelming with exception to the last scene. I found myself almost cheering on Spidy in what particular scene. A true nerd or just being humanistic? You decide.
  5. The balance of drama, action, and comedy is perfect. Cliche as it may be, Spiderman 3 has it all: love, conflict, and humor. Further still, the movie is played out in three distinct acts; good though prideful Spidy, bad Spidy, and a return to good Spidy as the final phase. Each act features a healthy serving of everything. One of my favorite moments is when fallen Parker is mandating milk for his cookies from his neighbor while talking on the phone with his college professor. Classic!

I give Spiderman 3 a 9/10. It’s the best action movie I’ve seen in a long time despite its mixed reviews. I left the theater very impressed, though I went in with very few expectations as I thought the highly acclaimed second movie to be worse than the first. “3” is just an awesome movie. Best line from the film: “It’s so good…” – Harry Osborne when asked “How’s the pie?” by his waiter.

*Note: I can’t really make this claim because I haven’t seen every comic book movie. Suffice it to say this film is excellent.

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