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Top 10 faith-based Jimmerisms


On Monday, BYU student Michelle Peralta accused fellow classmates of “idol worship” in a letter published in the school paper. Peralta, not to be confused with the awesome ’80s skateboards of the same name, said she was irritated by what she called “Jimmer worship,” Jimmer being the BYU point guard, 3-point killer, nation’s leading scorer, and all-around swell guy.

In all likelhood, Peralta, an admitted non-sports fan, was probably just venting her frustration over the increased volume of Jimmermania sweeping the nation, Provo very much included. That didn’t stop the Internet from having a little fun with her though.

In a virally large thread on her then-public, now-private Facebook page, hundreds of Jimmer fans came to his defense, while sticking with the comical spiritual theme Peralta had started. Here my top 10 favorites:

  • “For God so loved the world, he gave us Jimmer.”
  • “I noticed in your letter that you accidentally forgot to capitalize some of your pronouns when you referred to The Jimmer. I am sure He doesn’t appreciate that.”
  • “Whoever said ‘No one is perfect,’ obviously never met The Jimmer.
  • “Though shalt love The Jimmer as thyself.”
  • “And it came to pass that the Jimmer came down amongst the people and did minister unto them.”
  • “You are hereby invited to attend the first church of Jimmer. We worship every Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon.”
  • “Wow. Glad I finally finished reading this article. Now I can brush my teeth, pray to Jimmer, and go to bed.”
  • “On the Marriott Center court. The Jimmer brought a dying lamb back to life, just by nuzzling it. As the onlookers gathered, the lamb sprang to life. The Jimmer then shot it through the net from 40 feet, instantly killing it. This was just to prove that the good Jimmer giveth, and the good Jimmer taketh away.”
  • “One time, the BYU Basketball team was walking on the beach and they looked back and only saw one set of footprints.”
  • BONUS: “If Jimmer is Nephi that makes Tre’von Willis Laban.”

Afterwords, the story was picked up by ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, and NBC to name a few. And the Student Union offered Peralta free season tickets in an effort to “convert” her to The Jimmer.

Thanks for the laughs, Internet!