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Don’t retire, vacation several times a year until you die

I have never believed in traditional retirement, the complete withdrawal from one’s occupation, business, or office near the end of one’s life. It’s a pipe dream. As millions of ex-retirees quickly realize after an uneventful year on the beach, idleness never was happiness.

But leisure and periodic breaks from work are an important part of life. When used properly, regular vacations can inspire and rejuvenate a willingness to work harder. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be rich or wait until the end of your life to vacation. Here’s how: Continue reading…

Places I’d like to visit: Crater Lake

photo credit: random stranger

photo credit: random stranger

UPDATE: Visited in 2014. ORIGINAL STORY: I remember seeing this marvel in an early Bond movie as a young boy. Apparently, it’s the deepest lake in America. Not only that, but it’s strikingly beautiful. Any readers ever been? It’s only an 11 hour drive from my house. (Asks wife if we can go this summer.)